One of the main benefits of using Tyreman is that if we identify a particular task that we need the system to handle then the management team at Tyreman is always very swift to respond to our needs.”

Steve Parker - Stapletons(Director of IT & Logistics)






Tyreman Version Comparisons




• GUI (windows graphical) or Green Screen (dumb terminals)
• Calendar on all Date Fields
• Sort Buttons on GUI enquiry screens


New Modules:
• Complaint Credits
• Inter Depot


Head Office:
• New Analysis Reports:
• Sales Averages by Make
• Operative Sales Analysis
• Customer Profit Analysis
• Global ‘Databuild’ Maintenance


• Quick View of Held Documents (invoices, quotes, wsale/pop orders)
• Customer History Links from P.O.S.
• Stock Autosales for cash and account sales by Classification and Operator
• Worksheet Number on Cash/Account Sales
• Quick Access Menu
• Held Cash Sales Reduce Stock
• Historical Sales Enquiries
• Historical Invoice Reprints
• Global ‘Databuild’ Maintenance
• Daily Operative Sales Analysis


• New Wholesale Selling Enquiry by Customer/Partial Stock Code/Class
• Customer Trading Limits
• Run Number Profit Analysis







New Modules:
• Fleetman
• Central Billing


• Link to Customer History from Postings Enquiry
• Sales and Purchase Ledger, Transaction History (Archive)


Head Office:
• Customer Text Facility
• Credit Note Audit Report
• Petty Cash Report
• Customer History Download to c.s.v. file(Excel compatible)
• Stock, Customer and Supplier Downloads to c.s.v.


• Automatic Customer Text Viewer from P.O.S. and Enquiry
• Stock Autosales by Stock Item in addition to Classification
• Multi-Depot Stock Enquiry (on-line branches)
• New Link to Quotation Screen from Enquiry Screen
• All ‘PF’ Keys now on Single Screen (no <MORE> option)
• Job Sheets
• Priced or Un-priced Advice Notes
• Gross Margin View in ‘£’ or ‘%’
• Freetext Lines in Cash and Account Invoicing
• Quick Cash Sale Routine (shop sale)
• Link to Goods Receive from Invoicing
• Link to Customer History from Invoicing
• Same Day Invoice Reprint
• Revamped Customer Price Enquiry
• Revamped Exhaust Enquiry
• Revamped Auto POP
• Revamped Service Workshop


Branch Reports:
• Enhanced Stock Valuation Reports
• Dayend Profit Report
• Stock Adjustment Summary Report







• Barcode Association to Stock Codes
• Stock Enquiries by Stock Code or Barcode
• Barcode Printing
• Hand Held Scanner – Stock Take Routines


New Modules:
• Time and Attendance
• Mail Order
• Van System
• Samurai (Safe Access Menus, User-friendly Rapid Access Interface)


Head Office:
• Last Year Analysis
• Live or Working Prices
• Price Rounding
• Stock Review Enquiry
• Exceptional Cost Prices
• Total Company Stock Enquiry

Head Office Reports:
• Sales Analysis by Make
• Fitter Analysis (in addition to operator)
• Multiple Label Print
• Media Analysis by Date Range


• Ability to Allocate Price Number to a Customer
• Build Price List and Copy to Customers by Class


• Special Parts (quantity and price control)
• Tyre Fitment Guide
• Enhanced Goods Received Routine
• Easy Entry of Minimum and Maximum Quantities
• Company Stock Figures (available in enquiries)
• ‘Fitted By’ – prompt in POS (in addition to ‘Operator’)
• Cash Drawer Compatible POS
• Quantities Printed on ‘Goods Received’ and ‘Stock Returns’
• Historical ‘Daily Sales’ and ‘Sales by Class’







• Tyreman Hosted Service Available


New Modules:
• Customer Loyalty Module
• Multi-Currency Export Module with Shipping Documentation


Purchase Ledger:
• Purchase Invoices:
a) Allow input of any document date
b) Allow input of zero value documents
c) Warning on duplicate document numbers
• Improved Disputed Invoice Functionality
• Improved Payment Schedule
• Separate Address for Remittance Advices
• Auto Allocation of Payments


Sales Ledger:
• Auto Allocation of Payments
• Multiple Bank Accounts Available when Processing Receipts


Head Office:
• Fast Global Stock Maintenance


• Inter Depot Enhancements:
a) Improved and Easier to use Despatching
b) Auto Replenishment from Warehouse
c) Discrepancy Module
d) Picking Lists
• New Exhaust Enquiry Screen with Alternate Part Integration and Discounting Option
• Ability to hide Prices 7, 8 and 9

Stock Control Enhancements:
• Goods Receive – quick view of purchase orders before receiving goods

• Stock Take – ability to enter cost price
• Stock Corrections – ability to enter cost price for additions
• Recommended Re-order CSV file
• Cleardown of Partially Filled Purchase Orders after Specified Time Period
• Capture Vehicle Details

• Long Stock Descriptions for Invoices
• Bypass Media Analysis (where did you hear about us) Screen for Repeat Customers


Branch Reports:
• Branch Analysis Reports with Last Year Comparison
a) Product Type Analysis
b) Document Analysis
c) Banking Analysis
d) Price Analysis
e) Stock List Analysis
f)  Make Matrix Analysis
• Day End Audit Report







New Modules:
• Cash Deposits Module
• Assemblies Module


• Nominal ledger, Cost of sales accounts (fully integrated from the branch system)
• Improved sales ledger Profit and Loss report
• Automate Validate, Print and Apply routines
• Automatic Spooling of Sales Ledger Day End reports – with option to reprint at later date
• Global additional of Nominal Ledger accounts (add account to NL for all companies)
• Copy Nominal Ledger accounts to new company
• Inter Depot Module – automatic posting of sales and purchase invoices to ledgers


Head Office:
• Banking Reconciliation Report within Head Office VPA
• Salesman Turnover and Margin Analysis Report
• Stock Data Load from CSV file – new parts and price updates
• Automatic Creation of ‘csv’ files (stock, customer and supplier)
• Price Control, Price Groups :
a) Ability to apply price groups with immediate effect
b) Automatic update of selling prices after goods receive
• Branch Petty Cash Audit Trail


• Parameterisation of Day End Reports and a Day End audit trail
• Tyre Options Report
• New Retail Enquiry based on wholesale stock by partial
• Ability to restrict retail sales (cash and account) to minimum recommended gross margins (by classification)

Wholesale Enhancements:
• Wholesale Multi Bin System
• Wholesale, default customers run number
• Wholesale, restrict selling price to MSP when selling items with quantity below minimum quantity
• Improved Sales Analysis






• Sales Ledger – Day/Month and Year End audit
• Sales Ledger – Invoice Print
• Sales Ledger – Invoicing, improved nominal allocation
• Purchase Ledger – Option for detailed VAT and Payments postings to Nominal Ledger
• Automatic Spooling of Purchase Ledger Day End reports – with option to reprint at later date

Head Office:
• Customer History – Top Selling Items report (by customer)

• Cash Sales Discount Option
• Automatic Spooling of Branch Day End reports – with option to reprint at later date
• Ability to restrict use of selling routines by customer type (wholesale and trade). I.e. prevent ‘trade’ customers being serviced through ‘wholesale’ routines.
• Automatic printer selection – by user (invoices and reports)
• Purchase Ordering – Delivery Report (to aid with receiving into warehouses with multi-bin systems)

• New Shipping Report







• Stock Profiling Module (min / max levels) by branch, region and hub


• Inter Depot
a) Ability to cancel a transfer at ‘despatch’ stage
c ) Improved discrepancy handling (ability to process stock corrections for despatching or receiving branch)
c) Shortfall Processing
• Warranty Invoices
• Warranty Invoices Report
• Purchase Ordering – Priced or un-priced purchase orders
• Invoicing – New ‘Fitter 2’ and ‘Fitter 3’ fields
• Stocking Level’s – maintenance table for validation and description
• Branch Stocking Capacity maintenance – and visual display of capacity in purchase ordering
• New sort buttons on stock selection window – with ability to display selected price (with or without VAT)
• Enhanced credit note processing. Ability to recall complete invoice and credit in whole or part
• Ability to capture Torque front and rear settings on invoicing
• Ability to rename ‘Fitter 2’ & ‘Fitter 3’ as required


Head Office:
• Stock maintenance – ability to copy categories, makes and sizes between classes
• Customer history enquiry to have ‘from’ and ‘to’ date filters
• Make Matrix Analysis Report – by From and To Branches and Classifications
• Branch – region and hub association
• Customer Mailing – new ability added to use file variable’s on mail shots (i.e. stock code and description purchased)
• Reprint delivery notes from goods received enquiry
• Banking Reconciliation History Report
• Payment method maintenance
• Company Sales Enquiry – display todays sales figures for all depots
• New security access module – ability to restrict users from having certain options

Sales Ledger:
• Customer Classification – single character allowing uppercase, lowercase and numbers
• Customer Rep Codes – two characters allowing uppercase, lowercase and numbers
• Ability to remove customers from stop as payment is processed
• Customer Enquiry – displays ‘unallocated cash’ total
• Customer Enquiry – Analysis by posting account


Purchase Ledger:
• Transaction History List – date range selection added to report and credits, invoices and payments totalled
• History Posting Report – date range selection added to report and credits, invoices and payments totalled
• Apply a Payment – invoice and account details displayed on second screen






• Casing Register, with enquiry

• Display selling price in stock enquiry window – with or without VAT
• Time recorded against Inter Depot Request

Head Office:
• Stocking level maintenance
• Associate stocking level to stock item
• Flag stocking levels to hide stock items from branch enquiries
• Improved ‘price group’ functionality, ability to automatically set prices from other prices (i.e. set VAT inclusive and all inclusive prices)
• All Depot ‘Today’s Sales’ Totals Enquiry


Sales Ledger:
• Customer Enquiry, display value of un-applied invoices
• Download Ledger Details now available from Sales + Purchase Ledgers


Purchase Ledger:
• Ability to enter a ‘disputed’ invoice onto Tyreman
• Supplier Payment Module
• Payment schedule
• Payment run
• Cheque printing
• Remittance advice







• New wholesale module, replacing previous add and amend screens
• Last sold information for stock code / customer
• Lost sales information for stock code / customer
• Multi bin
• Multi currency
• Call centre compatible (ability to raise sales orders for remote warehouses)
• Ability to mix/match stock on order from multiple warehouses
• Wholesale Delivery Schedules (invoices, credits and collections)
• Wholesale Collection Notes
• Wholesale Proforma Invoices

• Enhanced special parts functionality
• Special parts on credit notes
• Stock Returns
• Full special part transaction history

• User Security Module – parameterised - block access by user to any menu

Analysis Reports:
• Account Analysis Report


Depot System:

• 'Inter branch transfers - Despatch transfer' The quantities can now be changed in 'real time' and the despatch totals will change instantly .

• 'Depot enquiry by partial stock item' enhanced to show all prices in expand mode.


• 'Add a wholesale order' has 'Customer text' button added to screen.

• 'Price/quantity/margin report' has had cost price column added to this report.

• Depot system 'Customer price list report' and Head office 'Company stock levels & prices report' will now print the total company stock level if user selects it to do so.


Head office

• 'Company stock levels & prices report' will now print the total company stock level if user selects it to do so.

Sales Ledger:
• Transaction History List – Transaction Type filter added to report
• Aged debt displayed on Postings and Unallocated Postings screens

Purchase Ledger:
• Aged debt displayed on Postings and Unallocated Postings screens

Purchase Ledger:
• Supplier load from CSV file






Breakdown Logging to Invoicing module


Tyreman – report Writer

• Generate and transfer ‘CSV’ files from Tyreman to local PC

• Default data view provided in Microsoft Access, enabling users to query their own data and produce reports


New central menu for all head office reports


System Features:

• Partial input of stock code in POS system automatically opens search window

• Partial input of customer shortname in POS system automatically opens window

• Partial input of customer shortname in SL system automatically opens window

• Partial input of nominal account code in SL/PL/NL invoice and journal routines automatically opens window



• Customer List by Run Number – New Enquiry

• Wholesale Complaint Credit notes


Head Office:

• Ability to set VAT inclusive prices for Retail (Cash) Selling routines

• Supplier rebate enquiry and calculation screen

• Company wide ‘Todays Sales’ enquiry with print option

• Head Office – historical sales by class/date (with branch filters) (as branch enquiry)

• Cash / Account sales analysis report (by depot, by date range)

• Ability to create non-numeric make codes



• Purchase Ordering

• Stock enquiry – ability to TAG items and link to purchase ordering, also with the ability to amend stock descriptions

• Supplier quote request – report

• Invoicing

• Invoice completion time recorded

• Last cost price available when processing invoice

• Ability to print from Today’s Sales enquiries

• Express Stock Transfer (instant stock movement from one branch to another)

• Retail invoice screens to show % and £ margin on each sale (parameterised with show cost Y/N flag)

• Goods Receive – company wide ‘internal reference number’ automatically assigned after goods received entered, and displayed in enquiries / printed on reports.

• POS – Gross margin view in ‘#’ and ‘%’ by invoice line and total

• Ability to book in ‘Special Parts’ from POS screens

• Entering a cost price during invoicing or dayend – now effects remaining stock

• New enquiry – History by Partial Registration

• Buttonised Cash and account sales invoicing for much improved flexibility


Purchase Ledger:

• Ability to automatically assign internal invoice number on purchase invoices and credit

• Supplier selection window – displays supplier balance

• Purchase invoice entry - due date displayed and amendable when entering an invoice

• Purchase invoice, nominal allocation.  Nominal value defaulted to outstanding value


Sales Ledger:

• Payments screen – displays customer balance, last payment date and last invoice date with option to view postings

• Sales Ledger date automatically updated to ‘todays’ date on first SL login of the day

• Customer selection window – displays customer balance


Nominal Ledger:

• Ability to restrict Nominal Ledger posting periods (not allow postings older than purchase/sales ledger).

• Nominal ledger account enquiry (period balances screen) – grand totals displayed for last year and this year totals


** Note ** Green screen/character based (non windows) ‘Tyreman’ no longer supported **








• Create Batch Receipts

• Create BACS Receipts

• Branch banking

• Cash Reconciliation

• Account Payments


Goodyear TOS :

• Online TOS Purchase ordering from Automatic POP Ordering system (Gateway server and additional set-up required)

• EAN number storage on stock codes



• P.O.P  Calculate Min/Max Levels -  Make Filter and Number of Days Selection

• Depot transactions report – Added Date range, transaction type and account number filters to report.

• Vehicle Registration Lookup - Link to DVLA to retrieve vehicle data and Tyreman fitments.

• New Make Analysis Report


• Sort by Make option in Stock Valuation Repor

• Sort by Make option in Min/Max Discrepancy Report


Head Office:

• Head office Analysis reports – Buttons and radio button selection.

• Customer Pricing by Stock Code



• Interface to B2C (Business to Consumer) web site for retail selling on the Web.

• Interface to B2B (Business to Business) web site for trade selling on the Web.

• B2B & B2C Web sites available (Optional extra)


Sales Ledger:

• Sales Ledger customer enquiry / Amend customer –e-mail customer facility

• Sales ledger and depot system ‘customer contact’ information rewrite. System now allows unlimited contacts to be held against a customer account. Ability to store multiple telephone numbers and e-mail addresses against a single contact. Can create e-mail to customers e-mail address from within Tyreman.








  • New Contacts Maintenance in Customer and Supplier maintenance.

  • Ability to e-mail any Tyreman report.

  • E-mail address search by customer/supplier account code.

  • PDF e-mail attachments.

  • PDF e-mail with image backgrounds. E.g. invoice printing with invoice background.

  • Log of e-mails sent.

  • Send Text messages to customers with invoices/jobsheets on-hold.


Head Office:

  • Memo System – Send and receive Memo’s between Head Office and all branches.

  • Current Month Sales by Day now historical option for previous months.

  • EDI routines complete facelift, plus now easier to identify variances.

  • Email or SMS Text MOT Reminders (Customer Mailing Letters)

  • Run Flat and Extra Load parameters in stock control and enquiries.

  • Reprint head office Transfer. (Validate, Print and Apply)


Nominal Ledger:

  • Nominal Cost Centres.

  • Nominal Journal Enquiry.

  •  Transaction History File.

Purchase Ledger:

  • Supplier Classes now maintained.

  • View Invoice Nominal Allocation from Postings Screens.

  • Invoice No. search facility in Postings Screens.


Sales Ledger:

  • Statement run now allows statements to be sent by e-mail to all customers with an e-mail address.

  • Customer contacts page revamped to include full contact detail, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, Web site. Plus unlimited contacts per sales ledger account.

  • Customer Class Filter on all Sales Ledger Reports.

  • Invoice No. search facility in Postings Screens


Depot  Facilities:

  • New Tab feature in all the P.O.P windows to show the order lines.

  • Automatic depot day-end – system can run Day-End and Transfer to Head Office overnight.

  • Ability to Spool any depot system report.

  • Raise a full credit note from today’s invoice.

  • Breakdown system now can create Cash Job sheets

  • Ability to convert a Cash Invoice to Account (and vice-versa) whilst processing job.

  • Automatic overnight inter depot auto-replenish from warehouse branch.

  • Stock enquiry by customer (shows customer’s specific prices)







Head Office Stock Control:

  • Held Invoice Enquiry
  • Re-Order Report by Supplier
  • Goods Returned Enquiry
  • Two classification filters for price control
  • Price control routines have print facility to produce a report of price changes.
  • Total supplier purchases report
  • Multi branch purchase order


Depot  Facilities:

  • Number of B2B Orders received show on depot main menu.
  • EAN/IP Code will now convert to stock code when entered.
  • Print Memo option
  • Time added to wholesale orders.
  • Discount Voucher added to Cash Sales (Amount as well as percentage)
  • Customer O/S jobs pop-up window throughout depot
  • Enhanced breakdown system – can now log breakdowns at each depot.
  • Copy Wholesale Order from branch to branch.



  • Ability to view PDF files from Tyreman
  • Ability to view emails sent within contacts
  • Print option available for SMS Text History.


Sales Ledger:

  • Option to add Sales Ledger Invoices & Credits into Customer History
  • Invoice search capability
  • Sales ledger parameter screen
  • Last year’s monthly totals in Control Account screens


Purchase Ledger:

  • Stock Returns Credit Notes linked into Purchase Ledger Credit notes.
  • Last year’s monthly totals & next period totals in Control Account screen







System Wide:

  • Multi-company email accounts


Depot  Facilities:

  • View and add quotations of stock items
  • Ability to save supplier’s quotes
  • Partial search on worksheet in Customer History Enquiry
  • Breakdown system enhanced to :  
  • Print a map & directions
  • Send SMS text message to the customer
  • Send SMS text message to a fitter/driver.
  • Convert cash quotation to deposit
  • EDIWheel for Pirelli
  • B2B Order number added to Wholesale order window
  • Amend an Order will automatic pop-up of order comments for B2B orders.
  • Ability to transfer wholesale orders between branches
  • Ability to print customer specific Stock Codes & Descriptions on invoices
  • Today’s Sales by Class drill-down on class for stock code totals
  • Historical Sales by Class drill-down on class for stock code totals


Purchase Ledger:

  • Multiple bank accounts now held within parameter file
  • Ability to apply payment cheques after the year end date when ledger is still in month 12


B2B Web Site:

  • On creation of a B2B order a SMS text message can be sent automatically to the person who created the order informing them that the order has been received.


Cash Book:

  • Apply payments to Sales and Purchase ledger when in bank reconciliation if any items have been missed when reconciling bank.
  • Write off un-reconcilable bank differences

Nominal Ledger:

  • Journal entry now updates transaction files and balances immediately
  • Window search facility in nominal journal enquiry 







System Wide:

  • Attach scanned images/documents to invoices, goods received & purchase orders.


Head Office Stock Control:

  • CSV stock export routine now includes B2B stock details
  • Company Today’s Sales as an auto-refreshing web page
  • Stock by Item – show stock  ‘on hold’ stock quantity
  • Import Inter Depot requests from CSV
  • Import Customer Pricing from CSV
  • Import Customer specific Stock Codes & Descriptions from CSV (printed on invoices)


Depot  Facilities:

  • Bandvulc Galahad link
  • Ability to add new vehicles from within branch fleet invoicing.
  • Today’s Sales by Fitter
  • Historical Sales by Fitter
  • Hide Account Invoice Prices (Optional – flag held against customer)
  • Special parts now print on Goods Received Dayend report


Purchase Ledger:

  • Ability to email remittance slips for BACS payments
  • Purchase Ledger email remittance history


Sales Ledger:

  • Sales Ledger email statement history







Sales Ledger:

  • Payment History Enquiry
  • Journal History Enquiry
  • Sales payment method stored – for accurate banking
  • Call Customers via Skype


Purchase Ledger:

  • Payment History Enquiry
  • Journal History Enquiry
  • Purchase payment method stored
  • Call Suppliers via Skype


Cash Book:

  • Enhanced sales cash batch banking


Depot  Facilities:

  • S.O.R.      - (Sale or Return module)
  • Multi Currency Purchase Ordering
  • Held Invoice Details Screen upon Goods Received
  • Access to see other branches stock quicker in Stock Enquiries
  • Inter Depot integrated in Stock Enquiries


Customer History:

  • Invoice Time Analysis Report


System Wide:

  • Pre-written email shortcuts







Nominal Ledger:

  • Nominal Account code changed to XXX-XXX format
  • Posting Type restriction removed
  • Account Type Indicator added
  • Help screens added to Add & Amend nominal account to explain terms
  • Nominal Reports reworked for A4 paper
  • Right arrow on nominal postings for details
  • On-screen Trial Balance with drill down into transactions
  • VAT(Tax) Return Module


Sales & Purchase Ledgers:

  • Contra Journal entry routine created
  • Apply a payment from CSV
  • Match a PL invoice against a Special Parts delivery
  • Aged Debtors report can now output as a CSV


Cash Book:

  • Import & match Bank Statement by CSV



  • Fleet system now automatically writes to Casing Register



  • Ability to view invoice and set/change a branch before validating
  • Special Parts Goods Received now fully integrated into EDI
  • Ability to accept Surcharge
  • Ability to accept and match multiple lines of the same code


Head Office Stock Control:

  • Factoring Report can now output as a CSV







System Wide:

  • Ability to print documents merged with PDF backgrounds
  • No print option available in Printer Selection boxes
  • Winter Tyre Icons & Filters


Head Office Stock Control:

  • Import prices by EAN/IPC
  • Multi-Branch Auto Re-Order Module (POP)
  • View Un-applied Invoices
  • Fitter Analysis by Fitter 1,2 and 3 (from Sales Invoices)


Depot Facilties:

  • Batch Invoice Processing (Complete a range of Advice Notes/Jobsheets in one go)
  • Different print out available for jobsheets
  • Print Cash Sale Jobsheet
  • Customer Specific Vehicle Details within Invoicing


Data Export Module:

  • Contacts Import & Export with Outlook



  • View Invoices by Delivery Note Number

Cash Book:

  • Transfer between Bank Accounts

Nominal Ledger

  • VAT(Tax) Return History








Customer Pricing:

  • Ability for Customer Prices to automatically change along with average cost price.


Head Office Stock Control:

  • Separate EAN & IPC to 2 codes
  • Add Tyre Label information
  • Auto Pricat load + update
  • Sage interface
  • Automatic H.O. Stock Control Month End routine


Purchase Ledger:

  • Transaction History List to CSV


Nominal Ledger:

  • Financial Control Stock Valuation



  • Automatic Validate & Match Invoices






  • System now holds up to 99 user definable prices.
  • Supplier price books – import supplier prices by csv
  • Auto POP order routines (Depot + H.O.) now refer to supplier price book and recommend orders from cheapest suppliers
  • Inter-Company Pricing, so the Inter Depot module can now use different prices and accounts for inter company and inter depot.


Depot Facilities:

  • Branch user customisable stock enquiries
  • Diary / Bay booking system with Email & SMS reminders
  • Instant Quote – instantly save a quote from within stock enquiries.
  • Quotations revamp – Cash & Account quotes have been rewritten to be faster and more practical in the working environment
  • No day-end updates! All transactions in Tyreman v14 instantly write to all history, analysis and ledger files – meaning you no longer have to wait until the next day to get your required figures.  (Day-end reports are still available to print if desired)
  • Historical Sales by Class now drills down to individual stock items
  • MOT date entry & reminder facility.
  • History Enquiry Customer Order No. filter


Sales & Purchase Ledgers:

  • No Day-end routines – postings are now instantly updated to the Nominal Ledger, (Daybook reports are still available)


Head Office Stock Control:

  • Total Sales by Size report



  • Fully integrated EDIWheel - Link Purchase Orders into Manufacturers systems and order from cheapest supplier/manufacturer directly from Tyreman system.





Diary System:

  • Add Held Quotes to Diary
  • Flag vehicle for collection and send reminder



  • Extra space for more breakdown details.


Head Office Stock Control:

  • Total Sales by Make report


Sales Ledger:

  • Cleardown Customer Text Notes facility


Depot Facilities

  • The ability to have all account invoices authorised before completion
  • Integrated Email routine in Authorise Advice Notes - Email out all of today's invoices in one run.
  • Ability to flag branches whether to show warning message when selling below cost price.




Depot Facilities:

  • View/Amend Petty Cash Vouchers.
  • View/Amend Account Payments.
  • Cash Float breakdown in enhanced Banking routines, including unpaid tickets.


Head Office Stock Control:

  • Automatic H.O. Stock Control Year End routine

Sales Ledger:

  • Financial Year End Aged Debt Report.
  • History Aged Debt Report.
  • Customer Maintenance, Print Statement flag.
  • Customer Enquiry, display additional Information.

Purchase Ledger:

  • Financial Year End Aged Creditors Report.
  • History Aged Creditors Report.
  • Customer Maintenance, store Bank Account and Sort Codes.
  • Enhanced GRN/Returns matching, match more than GRN/Return.

Cash Book:

  • Save bank reconciliation before matching is complete
  • Auto update branch banking’s flag, along with Update cash book and ledgers.

Nominal Ledger:

  • VAT return adjustments.




Nominal Ledger

  • Nominal payment VAT exempt flag
  • Extended VAT return to show EEC sales and Purchases entered as VAT adjustments
  • VAT transmissions to HMRC


Cash Book     

  • Enhanced bank reconciliation report
  • Drill down information of payment and receipts
  • Coming soon - Recurring cash book payments and receipts.


Sales Ledger:

  • Un-match receipt in current month.
  • Enhanced depot banking, accept and amend.
  • Select bank account window, shows description
  • Automatic matching of daily cash sales when using depot banking routines.
  • New View Account Balances Enquiry


Purchase Ledger:

  • Un-match payment in current month.
  • Payment routines by supplier class, including enhanced invoice selection.
  • Re-print supplier remittances by date paid or by Individual account No.
  • Select bank account window, shows description.
  • New View Account Balances Enquiry

Depot Facilities

  • Enhanced Postcode Search Facility with House names/numbers
  • Registration MOT Lookup
  • Part Worn Tyre System (Create your own groupings, Goods Received, Sales, Stock Conversion)


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Tyreman v14.3 newest features.

New Point of Sale DVLA vehicle look-up. This enhancement shows the vehicle information and MOT due date held by the DVLA database. MOT bookings can then quickly and easily be added to the Tyreman MOT diary system.


New Part worn Tyres module which allows flexible pricing when selling part worn tyres.


'Making Tax Digital' - VAT transmission to HMRC.



click here to see a full list of the new features in Tyreman version 14.3

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