“When we have any sort of operational problem the Tyreman team will instantly dial into our system and sort out whatever needs to be done"

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Supertyres - A perfect system for independents

As the services of Suffolk based Tyreman continue to be appreciated within the UK tyre industry their computer systems are capable of enhancing all types of services and products. For example, when computerisation was first introduced into the market it was generally considered that the larger retail/wholesale groups and medium sized companies embraced the technology. However as computer systems become more flexible and affordable it is interesting to note that even small independent tyre businesses are able to take advantage of today’s latest innovations.


A perfect example is Supertyres of Maldon in Essex, which is owned and managed by brothers Glen and Jamie Head who first had the Tyreman system installed in 1998. Glen states “After careful consideration of all the computer systems available at the time, we chose Tyreman because they seemed to offer the most flexible product that best suited our individual capabilities as a business. “Both Jamie and I realised that in order to take Supertyres to an even higher level of efficiency we had to become computerised and over the past six years we have undertaken a number of significant updates on our Tyreman system to the point now where Supertyres has its own fully customised computer system that allows us to run our business in our own unique way. There is no doubt in my mind that the company could not function properly in today’s fast moving market without computerisation.”


The company offer both a thriving retail fast-fit service in Maldon alongside a local wholesale facility, which are both efficiently managed from the same Tyreman system with swift inter-action between the two services. Glen adds “Wholesale is the fastest growing side of our business at the moment and we have two local warehouses for stockholding, one with 10,000 sq ft and the other with 4000 sq ft. The company is also part of UK Tyres Limited, formerly known as the Southern Buying Group.”


When it comes to back-up customer service from Tyreman, Glen is equally glowing in his praise, saying “When we have any sort of operational problem the Tyreman team will instantly dial into our system and sort out whatever needs to be done both swiftly and efficiently and knowing that such a professional back-up service is readily available, as and when we require it, enables Supertyres to get on with the business of selling tyres. Today’s tyre market is ultra competitive and needs 100 per cent concentration and having the Tyreman system behind us has given us the opportunity to do just that. It is almost like having your own IT department within the company.”


Looking to the future, Tyreman will continue to carry out bespoke work on the Supertyres system and introduce customised upgrades including imminent plans to link up one of the warehouses through Broadband to the system. At the same time a new set of laser printers will also be installed.


Having formed the company in 1992 both Glen and Jamie have taken Supertyres to the position of being one of the region’s most successful retail and wholesale operations and readily admit that this success would not have been possible without the expertise of Tyreman behind them.

Glen Head (Proprietor)


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New EU Tyre labels 2020/740 directive


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The new EU Tyre label legislation comes into affect May 1st 2021.


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