One of the main benefits of using Tyreman is that if we identify a particular task that we need the system to handle then the management team at Tyreman is always very swift to respond to our needs.”

Steve Parker - Stapletons(Director of IT & Logistics)








Stapleton's - A Perfect Partnership

In the highly competitive market of tyre sales, Stapleton’s (Tyre Services) Limited is well established as one of the leading companies that drive the market forward to new levels of increased trading efficiency.


From their headquarters in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, Stapleton’s has enjoyed ongoing significant growth over the years and in the past eighteen months, both in the retail and wholesale sectors they have extended their retail sites from 15 to a current level of 53 outlets. Whilst in wholesaling, the company has risen from having a single warehouse to their present position of 10 locations.


One of the most significant attributes to Stapleton’s ongoing positive business strategy has been their ability to firmly embrace and implement the very latest in information technology (IT) innovations over the years and IT Director, Steve Parker enthusiastically states that the company’s long standing partnership with Tyreman has played a very significant role in their consistent success as a tyre retailing and wholesale service.


He says “Stapleton’s has been using the Tyreman system for all its IT operations for the past 16 years or so with each new format being specifically custom built to our own special trading requirements. Overall turnover has risen dramatically from around £40 million in the early 1990’s to a recorded level of £125 million in 2003 and I have no doubt that working with the Tyreman system has definitely given us the confidence and ability to seek new facilities for our programme.


“One of the main benefits of using Tyreman is that if we identify a particular task that we need the system to handle then the management team at Tyreman is always very swift to respond to our needs.”


A particular example of this close association between Stapleton’s and Tyreman can be found in the fact that following the acquisition of WS Tyremasters, Stapleton’s needed to merge the two operational systems together and Steve states “Admittedly it helped that WS Tyremasters was also using the Tyreman system, but I have to say that this important task was carried out without a single hitch resulting in not one day of downtime. Both our own IT team and Tyreman staff worked in perfect harmony to ensure a highly successful transition.”


In Steve’s opinion the customer service facility from Tyreman cannot be faulted and acts as a good sounding board for new ideas. He adds “At Stapleton’s we consider ourselves to be quite adventurous concerning new IT innovations and can openly discuss any thoughts for improvement to the system that we have with Tyreman which sometimes lead nowhere but other times materialise into a further progressive step forward.


“Our website currently has over 3000 registered users with a significant amount of business being generated through the site. At the same time there probably isn’t a single day when our IT system stands still and contact with the Tyreman team is almost on a daily basis.”


If further evidence was needed that Stapleton’s consider Tyreman an essential part of their business then it is worth noting that they have recently installed their latest Tyreman system, which has been specifically tailored for the retail business with Steve concluding “This new Internet based system has been designed exclusively for our retail business and operates through an Oracle based database which has been installed in all 53 centres.”


There is no doubt that the partnership between the two companies is constantly evolving and this latest venture just take takes the association a stage further.

Steve Parker (Director of IT & Logistics)


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