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Mar 2012





In November 2012 new EU Tyre labelling regulations come into effect. Tyreman will be introducing additional functionality to all our software packages to assist our customers with the compliance of these new regulations.


Existing Tyreman V12 users


Tyreman will assist their customers in complying with these requirements by allowing tyre label ratings to be stored against individual stock codes and subsequently printing them as a single line of text beneath the stock code on the customer receipts.


Example 1. Tyreman invoice with tyre label information printed **


Example Tyreman Invoice with Label information printed


Tyreman version 12 users can already enter a manufacturers EAN code against your own stock code in the add/amend stock code routines.


Example 2. Tyreman EAN field used to retrieve label information from Tyre manufacturers


Tyreman EAN maintenance


There will be two options available:

  1. Customers can enter the tyre label data manually against their own stock codes
  2. If you have, or intend to use EAN numbers then we can provide a one off data load of the new tyre label ratings as supplied to us by the manufacturers. We also offer a subscription option to load tyre label data from the manufacturers PRICAT file which will keep your label information syncronised with there latest data.


Customers using version 12.x of Tyreman will be supplied the necessary software update Free of Charge, older versions of Tyreman can be updated for a small installation fee.


*** We recommend that customers who would like Tyreman to load the new tyre label ratings should plan NOW to update their systems with the EAN codes. ***


Existing Tyreman B2B & B2C users


The Tyreman B2B and B2C systems will be enhanced to show the tyre label information. This information is maintained within Tyreman and shown on both internet systems, therefore no additional data maintenance is required if you use these systems.


Example 3. Tyreman B2B system showing Tyre label information **


Tyreman B2B system showing Tyre label information



Next release of Tyreman


In addition to the standard functionality detailed above, we are working on further Tyreman software enhancement to allow the display and printing of the tyre labels.


Example 4. Tyreman View Stock option showing Tyre label information **


Tyreman view stock option showing Tyre label


An image of the label can be held against individual stock codes and can be displayed on screen for viewing. An additional option will be available to print tyre labels (label printer required, contact Tyreman for printer options).


For more information or to discuss upgrading your Tyreman system, please contact your Tyreman business development manager.



Please note: New customers in 2012, and existing customers who have upgraded in 2012 or plan to upgrade before the next release, will receive this software version free of charge when released.


** Final software may vary from example images shown.



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Tyreman are pleased to announce the imminent launch of the new web based Stock Take solution.

Integrated into the back office system, data can be passed to allow stock taking on any tablet running a modern browser.

Using the tablet within the storage area, it allows quantity counting & amendment before transmitting to the back office system to update.

With configuration and filter selection options the software can be tailored to suit individual customers.

To register your interest or for further information contact Tyreman today.


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