One of the main benefits of using Tyreman is that if we identify a particular task that we need the system to handle then the management team at Tyreman is always very swift to respond to our needs.”

Steve Parker - Stapletons(Director of IT & Logistics)






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25th July 2006

New Tyreman Software Development

We are currently redeveloping the Tyreman depot system 'cash book' facilities. Having received feedback from a number of our customers we are in the process of developing a 'cash book' module which will supercede the existing Tyreman banking reconciliation.


A summary description of what will be available is detailed below.


A 'cash book' or 'banking reconciliation module' in Tyreman terms is a separate new module that integrates with the Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers. The 'cash book' keeps a record of all bank account transactions, payments and receipts. The 'cash book' will handle adjustments and correct banking errors, and when reconciled will allocate payments to the Sales ledger cash account .


This module will be available in Tyreman V11 which has an estimated release date during September 2006.



10th July - Tyreman support team announcement


The Tyreman support team can now automatically e-mail customers when a support call is closed from our customer care system. To register FREE for this service, please e-mail Tyreman support at


1st July - Big City Tyres (Kegworth & Nottingham) Ltd go live on Tyreman hosted software solution.

1st July - Dingwall Tyres go live on Tyreman hosted software solution.




New product released 'TMAN FILE TRANSFER'. This product allows the easy transfer of your tyreman data to third party software such as Microsoft Excel.


User instructions and screen shots available by clicking here.


To receive this free product click here to e-mail the Tyreman support team with your request.


** This product is only available to our customers who are running on a Unix operating system **



The world cup is nearly here and we’ve decided to set up a league for the World Cup just for fun.  There is no prize on offer from us, however the web site running the game are giving away £20,000.  The game is run by the same people who run the premier league game and allows players from all nations.


The competition is free to enter and is open to anybody in your company so please forward the details on.


First set-up your team using this fantasy football link and then e-mail and we'll send you the code which will allow you to join the Tyreman league.






i) New 'Show Zero Levels' filter added to 'Set Branch Min/Max Levels' head office stock control option.


ii) New depot system Cash Sales invoice validation. If enabled will force the user to enter a valid customer title, initials, address and an alphanumeric vehicle registration number. If a valid registration number is not entered the user is prompted to specify a reason why.




When a breakdown call is received a ‘breakdown advice’ for the customer is entered and assigned to a branch.


A new ‘breakdown screen’ in the branch, will show each breakdown and from here the user will be able to progress the breakdowns.


** Screen shots and further details coming soon **



Tyreman file transfer application is currently in Beta testing. Once proven it will be available as a download to our hosted customers from our web site.

This facility will allow our hosted Tyreman customers to easily transfer Tyreman reports into Word, Excel or similar applications.



Manningtree Tyre services go live with Tyreman system.

New Tyreman enhancements


'Inter branch transfers - Despatch transfer' The quantities can now be changed in 'real time' and the despatch totals will change instantly .

'Depot enquiry by partial stock item' enhanced to show all prices in expand mode.

'Add a wholesale order' has 'Customer text' button added to screen.

'Price/quantity/margin report' has had cost price column added to this report.

Depot system 'Customer price list report' and Head office 'Company stock levels & prices report' will now print the total company stock level if user selects it to do so.




Tyreman software version release information now on our web site. You can now compare your version of Tyreman to what's new. Click here for details.


Tyreman would like to welcome Marta Pawlowska to our team.


Our picture caption competition is now on-line. Why not give it a go and be creative.



'Infleet' located in Stockport go-live with the Tyreman hosted system.

Tyreman would like to welcome Jerry Plutowicz to our team. Jerry will be involved in software support and product development.

*** Coming soon ***

Be creative and come up with an amusing caption for our photo caption competition. The most amusing captions will be published on our web site.





New Tyreman enhancement Update....


The Sales Ledger Transaction History Report has been enhanced to include an additional filter by Transaction type. This is an enhancement which has been requested by a number of our customers and will allow this report to be run by a single or all transaction types.

2. The existing 'User Specified Report' option has been given improved functionality to allow users to do report filtering on both numeric and alpha-numeric variables (Previously this was only available for numeric variables only).




The ability to add Special parts to Credit notes & Stock returns routines has been developed.


All special part transactions created are fully audited and can viewed within transaction history, plus a new enquiry and report has been developed to show this additional transaction information.




  • Enhanced Stock Returns Credit Notes.
    Now have the ability to part received credit notes.
  • New Stock Returns Report.
  • Complaint Credits now charge zero VAT for inter-depot and export customers.
  • Nominal Ledger Postings search Enquiry.
    Now have the ability to search where a Sales Ledger or Purchase Ledger Invoice has gone into the Nominal Ledger.



  • Tyreman Dedicated Internet pipe goes live

    Tyreman is constantly looking for ways to improve the service we provide our customers.

    We are therefore please to announce the launch of our dedicated internet pipe to our Tyreman & Internet hosted customers.

    Over the next couple of months we aim to move our hosting over to this dedicated pipe with an aim to provide a safe, fast and robust hosted solution.




  • New Tyreman enhancement Update....

    1. Download Ledger details is now available from the Sales ledger customer maintenance and the Purchase ledger supplier maintenance menu's. This prevents the need to go to the head office stock control system to download new and amended customers and suppliers.




  • New Tyreman enhancement Update....

    Head office enquiry - Depot daily sales

    A new head office enquiry has been developed which shows the sales for all on-line depots for the current day. It displays a list of each on-line depot with its sales figures, plus a grand total of sales for all depots.




  • Tyreman enhancement Update....

    New report options within the Sales and Purchase ledgers to print cheque lists

    New facility to prevent customers that have been 'on-stop' for more than a specified number of days to be hidden from the depot system. New report filter to show those customers which have been on-stop and not showing at the depot.



  • Tyreman enhancement Update....

    Customer history Enquiries and reports modified to allow selection by an individual transaction type. e.g. Allows the selection of Credit notes without also retrieving invoice transactions.


  • Congratulations to Mark Simpson at Lodge Tyres Birmingham for winning our 2004 / 2005 Fantasy football competition and he wins a 15" Flat screen monitor. To register your interest in entering our next competition please e-mail your full name to and we shall send you details of the details.




  • Tyreman wish to introduce two new staff members to our customers, both of whom have joined our customer support team.
    Allen E - Hardware technician and technical support
    Alan D - Software technician and product support.

    We welcome both to the Tyreman team.....


Sales and Accounts
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Customer Care Helpline
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Tyreman are pleased to announce the imminent launch of the new web based Stock Take solution.

Integrated into the back office system, data can be passed to allow stock taking on any tablet running a modern browser.

Using the tablet within the storage area, it allows quantity counting & amendment before transmitting to the back office system to update.

With configuration and filter selection options the software can be tailored to suit individual customers.

To register your interest or for further information contact Tyreman today.


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